Tal al-Hawa center

In the far north of the countryside of Aleppo, and within “Al-Bab” area, the town of “Tal Al-Hawa” lies, which is a center of population that is steadily increasing due to the continuous waves of displacement to the northern countryside of Aleppo to that town and its surroundings.

“Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support takes responsibility in the health center of this country, the health center in Tal Al-Hawa continuously provides free treatment services, with all pharmaceutical, laboratory and advisory services, and refers advanced cases to the relevant specialized centers.

The number of consultations and inspections within the center of Tal Al-Hawa town reached to 4816 during the month of March, and the number of examinations for women between the ages of 15 to 49 reached about 518, while the number of pregnant women was 406, in addition to that, the number of respiratory inspections reached 528 The digestive system has 126 cases.

Respiratory and digestive system diseases, eye diseases, pregnancy and childbirth cases, and orthopedic cases were at the forefront of all cases that the center dealt with during the past month, and the percentage of males benefiting was 49%, while the percentage of females was 51%.



Aleppo network project

The Aleppo network project is considered one of the most important projects which supported by “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support in the northern Syria to enhance efficiency within health care systems and ensure the continuity of that care itself.

As the project aims to continue expanding the health care network in northern Syria and implementing the main recommendations from the world health organization to continue focusing on short-term stability, with the aim of improving health service delivery and building resilience in the medium term, by ensuring access to basic primary health care services, free specialized services, which will increase general equality in access to health care and ensure continuity of care while improving health status.

The project also aims to strengthen infection prevention and control screening within the health care network facilities in accordance with the recommendations of the specialized global task forces in this regard, in addition to building medium-term resilience, by raising the capacity of primary health care centers, enhancing the skills of health workers, and installing a solid mechanism to enhance the integration of services and decentralized coordination. In the long term, the Aleppo network project could serve as a platform to strengthen primary health care systems and expand coverage to achieve the goal of universal health coverage.

Components of the project

The project consists of three main tracks, the first of which is the provision of basic health care services to residents of localities, the second is to build the capacity of contracted service providers, and the third is to manage and monitor the project’s workflow itself.

The network will link and coordinate the operations of 21 facilities with different levels of complexity and capacities, and solve health problems, with the general objectives set to improve access, enhance efficiency within the network and ensure continuity of care, noting that the world health organization provides project coordination, technical support, and capacity building of partners, quality, implementation control and project evaluation for potential expansion.

Project focus area

The Aleppo network project covers the areas of “Azaz” and “Al-Bab” in the northern countryside of Aleppo, and it links and coordinates the operations of health facilities that provide primary health care services, different levels of complexity and capacities to solve health problems, within an estimated population of about 800000 people.

Availability of facilities around population size was analyzed using the world health organization monitoring system and resources, as well as the rapid health facility assessment launched in 2019 that collected critical elements indicating gaps in services across northern Syria, and this was useful for determining the arrangement of areas, where the coverage is required to be expanded.

Beneficiaries of the project

In general, the beneficiaries of Aleppo network project are internally displaced persons, individuals, and those affected by the conflict, in addition to primary health care centers and other facilities in the network, and the project will also enhance the capacity of the primary health care network to provide a package of basic health care services by raising the level of centers’ capacity and staff skills, health workers and managers to effectively manage the growing demand for health care and provide quality care during and after the crisis period.

In addition, local health authorities will benefit, as the project will help strengthen coordination with local health authorities and directorates, to organize and manage effective, well-targeted primary health care and mobile coverage along with coordination and care in the hospital and specialized services for the target population.



Nutritional awareness in Al-Bab

Within its various activities in health care, psychological and community awareness, the mobile clinics of “Al-Bab” health center which supported by “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support continue their activities in the countryside surrounding the city of “Al-Bab”, especially awareness campaigns on several important topics related to the conditions of beneficiaries in those far areas.

Recently, one of the mobile clinics of the “Al-Bab” Center held a session on nutritional awareness in Al-Bab, specifically in the village of “Al-Borj”, to familiarize the families residing there with the basics of healthy, healthy nutrition for children.

The session topics revolved around malnutrition and diseases that the child suffers from, such as delayed growth and atrophy, in addition to giving instructions about the foods that the child should receive. The session was accompanied by the implementation of therapeutic mobile campaigns for children, and some children were also treated and the causes of the lack of correct development were revealed.





Carbomb at Alameen warehouse

Carbomb at Alameen warehouse

By Saturday afternoon, March 20, in the city of “Al-Bab” northern countryside of Aleppo, a car bomb targeted the medical warehouse of “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support in the city, the explosion led to heavy losses in the building and the properties.

3 death and 6 casualties among them 2 of Al-ameen staff. It is worth noting that this warehouse was supplying 13 medical facilities and 10 mobile clinics in northern Aleppo and Idlib. “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support pays deepest condolences to the families of the dead and wishes a fast recovery for the wounded casualties. “Al-Ameen” affirms its determination to continue its mission of humanitarian support, regardless of the ordeals, challenges, and dangers.