From Al-Ameen to children of Gaza

In the last days of the month of goodness and mercy, and with the approaching of “Eid Al-Fitr” we look upon you with new smiles from “Gaza” Strip in Palestine with some of its wonderful children, as part of the group breakfast event organized by “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support at “Al-Amal” institute for orphans in Gaza. This event accompanied with entertainment activities for children during the pre-Iftar period, with the aim of drawing a smile on the faces of children while bringing joy and happiness to their hearts in this holy month.



the prosthetics center in Aden

Through all ages, the people have always been the biggest loser from the hell of war, for any war, whatever its motives, consequences and parties, must have a negative impact on the lives of defenseless civilians, and leave tremendous damage to facilities, infrastructure, and the interests of individuals.

Among the serious individual damages caused by wars, they are the injuries that occur to individuals, leading to permanent disability, and preventing them from continuing their lives normally, and often even losing their source of livelihood.

The Yemeni city of “Aden” is one of the cities in which the war took place between the elected legitimate government and “Houthi” militia, and that war led to many civilian casualties, and those injuries varied between deformities in the body or the loss of a member.

In response to this critical humanitarian situation, the great role of prosthetics center in Aden, which is supported by “KS Relief”, which serves hundreds of injured people free of charge to relieve them of the burdens and costs of travel and high treatment expenses.

In the prosthetics center in Aden, and during the month of April of this year, the center received 339 beneficiaries, providing them with 460 services, and the percentage of males among the total beneficiaries was 92%, while the percentage of females was 8%, and the displaced accounted for 51% of the total number of beneficiaries, or residents made up 49%.

In addition to all that, prosthetics were manufactured, installed and rehabilitated for about 151 beneficiaries, and the services they obtained were distributed between limb measurement and maintenance of prosthetics, while 188 patients benefited from physiotherapy services, which were divided into physical therapy sessions and specialized consultations.

The focus of this project is on the youth group, as this group is one of the project’s priorities with the importance it represents at the social and economic level, and the services of the prosthetics center in Aden include the provision of physical therapy and movement rehabilitation to the injured, whether in cases of amputation or injury to the spinal cord and nerve injuries. The center also provides a doctor specializing in congenital anomalies and cosmetology to help patients overcome their injury and treat the consequences thereof.



Tal al-Hawa center

In the far north of the countryside of Aleppo, and within “Al-Bab” area, the town of “Tal Al-Hawa” lies, which is a center of population that is steadily increasing due to the continuous waves of displacement to the northern countryside of Aleppo to that town and its surroundings.

“Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support takes responsibility in the health center of this country, the health center in Tal Al-Hawa continuously provides free treatment services, with all pharmaceutical, laboratory and advisory services, and refers advanced cases to the relevant specialized centers.

The number of consultations and inspections within the center of Tal Al-Hawa town reached to 4816 during the month of March, and the number of examinations for women between the ages of 15 to 49 reached about 518, while the number of pregnant women was 406, in addition to that, the number of respiratory inspections reached 528 The digestive system has 126 cases.

Respiratory and digestive system diseases, eye diseases, pregnancy and childbirth cases, and orthopedic cases were at the forefront of all cases that the center dealt with during the past month, and the percentage of males benefiting was 49%, while the percentage of females was 51%.



The importance of Susyan center

For a decade, the Syrian people have been experiencing a lot of pain and harsh conditions of displacement due to the war caused by the Syrian regime, which affected the lives of many residents and pushed them to leave their homes and migrate to safer areas, and their conditions were accompanied by the high cost of living and the lack of basic medical services that many needs.

In response to these problems, “Susyan” health center was built and established, which is considered one of the most important health centers that are supported by “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support, and as it is the center for the eastern and western countryside of the Syrian city of “Al-Bab”, where many medical services are provided within it, helping residents and displaced people in those areas are to benefit from the services provided by the center, and it saves them the effort of travel and financial expenses, the center also contains many and varied medical clinics such as pediatric, gynecological, internal, cardiac, orthopedic, and thoracic clinics. The center also provides first aid and pharmacy services to benefit the largest possible segment of patients.

Since the opening of the center to this day, hundreds of medical examinations and medical consultations are provided daily to residents and displaced people living in “Susyan” areas, and “Al-Ameen” has always had an effective role on the ground to serve the various segments present on the Syrian lands, to bear on behalf of the people some of their suffering, and work to alleviate the severity and cruelty the life that revolves around them during the war years that exhausted their bodies and souls.



Clothes for families in Ersal

As part of its multiple activities to support Syrian refugees in the “Ersal” border area in Lebanon, which is full of camps and Syrian refugees, the teams of “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support distributed clothes to the poorest families in the region. To date, nearly 8000 families have benefited from the distributed clothing, especially children, and the elderly in those families.

The activity of distributing clothes for families in Ersal is considered a periodic activity carried out by “Al-Ameen” teams from time to time in the areas where the Syrian refugees are located in Lebanon, and it is one of the many activities that “Al-Ameen” carries out in Lebanon to support Syrian refugees, such as providing food baskets, mobile clinics, vaccination campaigns and awareness of all kinds, such as Societal, psychological and nutritional.



Ain al-Baida health center

With unlimited support and effort from “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support, the health center in the town of “Ain Al-Baida” near the city of “Jarablus” in the far north of Syria continues to provide primary health care services, in one of the many areas of northern Syria that have witnessed in the past few years a great population You need constant health care.

The number of beneficiaries of the center during the month of March of last March reached nearly 1921, who were distributed among the various clinics within Ain al-Baida center, and the percentage of males was 30% of the total number of beneficiaries, and females 70%.

The center includes cardiac, ophthalmic, chest, internal, and women’s clinics, in addition to general clinics, a children’s clinic, and a dental clinic, in addition to pharmaceutical and laboratory services. The number of pregnant females who benefited from the center’s services during the past month reached 171 beneficiaries, while the total number of examinations within the women’s clinic was 429, while respiratory diseases occupied the top of the cases that the center dealt with 754 cases.



Nutritional awareness in Al-Bab

Within its various activities in health care, psychological and community awareness, the mobile clinics of “Al-Bab” health center which supported by “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support continue their activities in the countryside surrounding the city of “Al-Bab”, especially awareness campaigns on several important topics related to the conditions of beneficiaries in those far areas.

Recently, one of the mobile clinics of the “Al-Bab” Center held a session on nutritional awareness in Al-Bab, specifically in the village of “Al-Borj”, to familiarize the families residing there with the basics of healthy, healthy nutrition for children.

The session topics revolved around malnutrition and diseases that the child suffers from, such as delayed growth and atrophy, in addition to giving instructions about the foods that the child should receive. The session was accompanied by the implementation of therapeutic mobile campaigns for children, and some children were also treated and the causes of the lack of correct development were revealed.






Health care project in Ersal

There are about 1.2 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, which make about 25% of the population, most of them are in the poorest host communities, and the majority of Syrian refugees are in “Bekaa” and north regions such as “Akkar”, “Bekaa”, and especially “Ersal”, which mainly suffers from a lack of services and greater disability rates.

The large influx of Syrian refugees into Lebanon, due to the escalation of the Syrian conflict, has imposed great pressures and burdens on the health care system in Lebanon, as this sector witness significant gaps, especially in terms of coverage, which leaves hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees deprived of basic health care services,

According to the strategic directives of the Lebanese health system and the experience of the first phase of the project, which funded by “KS Relief”, reinforces the need to increase access to free health services, and with the increase in the number of beneficiaries from the previous project, it was planned to meet the health need and reach a greater number of beneficiaries and wider services through renewal Project activity and continuing activities of other projects that contribute to enhancing primary and secondary health care services with higher quality through free health services.

The idea of ​​the health care project in Ersal revolves around the center’s support for primary and secondary health care in a needy region in light of the gaps in the work of the UN organizations and the great pressure on the Lebanese government so that it is in accordance with the standards of the world health organization and the Lebanese Ministry of health so that these services are provided free of charge with linking the health services provided to an informational and technical health system that ensures sustainable follow-up and a clear referral system, with an administrative system that ensures the progress of the desired medical goals in line with the administrative and technical normative goals.

The project also ensures participation in the routine vaccination campaigns approved by the world health organization and the Lebanese ministry of health through the project’s staff technically and through community awareness and public health awareness through community health personnel on issues of public hygiene and public health to avoid any infectious diseases such as diseases related to public hygiene (lice and Try) and communicable diseases such as diarrhea, and the necessity to review health centers in case any health support is needed, as well as nutrition education by educating parents about healthy eating methods and the need to deal with cases of growth hormones deficiency and cases that need nutritional support, and psychological support through group and individual sessions to support the psychological state of refugees and the host community, and work on programs to integrate immigrant communities with host societies, as well as provide the necessary psychological support for children with physical and sensory disabilities and assist them in reaching specialized centers to obtain the necessary medical needs.

The project also includes a mobile team that tracks cases of Coronavirus in refugee camps, as well as conducting surveys and awareness about prevention methods. The health care project in Ersal will also include the provision of specialized clinics services, laboratory analyzes, x-rays, and vaccination services, as well as free medicine for all beneficiaries of the center’s services, in addition to community and psychological health services.



Discussion about Al-Ameen projects

Discussion about Al-Ameen projects .. Within the strategy of “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support, which is based on full coordination with health and government authorities in areas of humanitarian crisis, with the aim of ensuring access to health services to all those in need, and strengthening the emergency response to the most vulnerable groups, while maintaining independence, impartiality and non-discrimination in humanitarian work, the regional director of “Al-Ameen” in the Yemen held a meeting with the minister of public health and population in the capital “Aden”, Dr. “Qassem Ahmed Buhaibe”.

This meeting was also held in the presence of the undersecretary for the primary health care sector, Dr. “Ali Al-Walidi” and the undersecretary for therapeutic medicine, Dr. “Shawqi Al-Sharjabi” to make discussion about Al-Ameen projects in Yemen, especially in the field of prosthetics and providing free health services for people with mobility disabilities and patients amputation.

Al-Ameen Organisation contributes to operating 4 prosthetics centers in Yemen.

The number of beneficiaries of the centers ’services has reached more than 13000 beneficiaries in each of the governorates of “Aden, Maareb, Taiz and Hadramout” in 2020.

As for the primary health care sector, the health projects of “Al-Amin” were discussed in primary care services and treating malnutrition cases, to ensure full coordination with all health directorates in the targeted areas and under the supervision of the ministry’s primary health care department.

This meeting comes in the context of a series of similar meetings of “Al-Amin” with Yemeni officials.

The regional director of “Al-Amin” in Yemen had previously met with the governor of “Al-Mahra” governorate and the head of the local council, Mr. “Muhammad Ali Yasser”, in December of the last year. The two parties discussed possible development and relief interventions in “Al-Mahra” governorate, and stressed the importance of conducting a population survey and implementing a service map, to determine needs according to priority, and after that the regional director made a series of field visits to “Al-Ameen” projects throughout Yemen.





She smiled again

She smiled again after the suffering of travel and the need to surgery.

“Sahar Al-Hussein” – 7 years old – suffers from a congenital problem in the heart, which is that the ductus arteriosus remains open, which caused her many health problems, and later she required a cardiac catheterization operation to close that channel.

Sahar, who was born in Hama countryside and resides in the liberated areas, was denied from her right to treatment due to the lack of specialized centers that carry out such operations in northwestern Syria. Sahar was able to enter the Turkish territory and perform the operation at the expense of the “Al-ameen”, so that the smile returns to Sahar’s face, and the joy reigns in her family’s home again.

Sahar’s story is not the only one and it is not the first of its kind. Rather, it is one of dozens of stories produced by the noble solidarity between “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support, and the health authorities in Turkey in general, so that human aid would be a large and illuminating title for every story.