Support Sudan youth

Support Sudan youth

Because it is the stent of the future and the main nerve of human power, and because it is the largest age group in the social fabric in the country, the youth group in Sudan was the age group that is focused by civil society organizations and the rising development projects in the country in the new conditions that Sudan lives today. On this basis, it was necessary to give Sudanese youth an exceptional interest in the field of vocational rehabilitation and to cultivate their talents in the best way, in order to effectively and efficiently supply the growing labor market with all its needs.

Although most Sudanese youth complete basic traditional education stages, the current labor market today requires more than traditional education, to reach actual specializations in the various professional fields required in the country, which depend mainly on modern technology means that the traditional education cannot usually give, which prevents most Sudanese youth from developing their skills in a manner compatible with modernity or standing as a barrier to their desire for technical specialization.

Based on this reality that Sudanese youth are experiencing today, the idea of “Initiative of Sudan youth support ” project was launched by the “Al-Ameen” team for humanitarian support, with the aim of providing a modern and integrated training platform for Sudanese youth to help them achieve their professional and academic aspirations, by means of interactive training courses that use the internet as a platform, and it provides dozens of opportunities in various disciplines and helps young men and women to acquire experience and knowledge, thus building capacities and developing skills in various modern technical fields.

Project targets

“Initiative of Sudan youth support” project aims mainly to provide Sudanese youth with a package of multiple courses in different fields free of charge that makes them accessible to all. It also aims to create an attractive training environment that motivates young people to join the specialized courses available within the project.

In addition, the project will work to provide a stable source of income for a large number of young trainers who are distinguished in their fields, by qualifying them to compete in the labor market, and it will also strengthen and support the academic results of the trainees, and link them to the professional aspects to qualify them for various job opportunities.

“Initiative of Sudan youth support” project will meet the training needs in the country in general, and design distinct training bags according to the latest training techniques and methods, with continuous training workshops and training grants for various groups and specializations. The project will also provide accredited certificates to enhance the reference and credibility of training for trainees when applying for any job in the future.

Training types provided in the project

The project will provide training in each of the fields of medicine, first aid, and health care basics, in addition to programming languages, the basics of computer and maintenance, graphic design programs, the basics of project management, quality and entrepreneurship, basics of accounting and statistics for beginners and advanced students, and the basics of commercial and marketing.

The project will also provide language courses, comprehensive media training programs, in addition to communication skills, in addition to various engineering programs, manual structural design and architecture designs, training on networks and communications, and the fundamentals of the fourth generation, in addition to Arabic calligraphy, chess, and many other programs.

What is the desired impact of the “Initiative of Sudan youth support” program?

“Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support always seeks the long-term effects of all its activities. With regard to “Initiative of Sudan youth support” project, in particular, the long-term impact that “Al-Ameen” is looking for is focused on reaching the target group in the labor market in a smooth and professional manner, whether that is through follow-up the featured trainees and providing them with job opportunities, or by pushing them to build professional relationships with various institutions.

“Initiative of Sudan youth support” project will also work on filling the gap existing between graduates of educational institutions and the labor market, by identifying the most prominent modern requirements for the labor market, enhancing youth opportunities to obtain them, and providing scientific and practical advice to Sudanese youth, which will contribute to moving the wheel of construction for internal development projects with efforts. Pure youth conducted by professionally qualified groups of graduates of the training and workshops that the project will provide.

“Al-Amin” through the “Initiative of Sudan youth support” project, aims to make Sudanese youth regain their confidence in themselves and in the future that awaits them, without paying attention to difficult circumstances or existing obstacles, thus enhancing their sense of dignity and self-sufficiency, and a sense of hope that the next is better and more beautiful in everything.


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