Mother’s Day

To celebrate the noble role that mothers play everywhere, Al-Ameen for Humanitarian Support held a large celebration event in “Azaz” in the northern countryside of Aleppo, on the occasion of mothers’ day as tribute to the Syrian mothers and their pioneering role and struggle in light of the difficult humanitarian conditions that the region is experiencing.

With the presence of about 25 mothers, in addition to a group of workers ladies and working mothers among the teams of “Al-Ameen” in the region, these influential and active Syrian mothers were honored. From a martyr’s mother, to a detainee’s mother, to a hard-working mother who strives and sacrifices for the sake of her family, all of them were honored by the “Al-Amin” in this celebration, in order to fulfill even a very small part of their rights, and to recognize their endless sacrifices.

During the honor, each of the honored mothers gave a speech, after a speech on behalf of “Al-Ameen” team that given by Mr. “Abdul Salam Al-Amin”, in which he extended his warmest congratulations to the mothers in the name of “Al-Amin” and her team, followed by introductory videos about “Al-Ameen” and its various activities and events, in addition to a short film produced by “Al-Amin” on the occasion of mothers’ day, in which the members of Al-Amin’s team are shown greeting some Syrian mothers.

This celebration, which was sponsored by “Al-Ameen”, was widely welcomed by all media, community and civil activities in the region, and in this regard, “Al-Ameen” always stresses its inspiration for the struggle of mothers and their great sacrifices, so that all these matters become a beacon, an ideal, and an incentive that pays all the members of the large family of “Al-Ameen” to work and give, and to be always a help and support for people everywhere.



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