The Prosthetics Center In Aden


Through all ages, the people have always been the biggest loser from the hell of war, for any war, whatever its motives, consequences, and parties, must have a negative impact on the lives of defenseless civilians, and leave tremendous damage to facilities, infrastructure, and the interests of individuals. Among the serious individual damages caused by […]

Al-Ameen Educational Center


Since education is one of the most important elements of our society, Al-Ameen puts it at the top of its priorities. Therefore, and through the educational centers in Idlib province, Al-Ameen seeks to provide learning opportunities to students. In Areeha city, Al-Ameen educational center presents students with unique chances to enhance their skills in several […]

Health Care Project In Ersal


There are about 1.2 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, which make about 25% of the population, most of them are in the poorest host communities, and the majority of Syrian refugees are in “Bekaa” and north regions such as “Akkar”, “Bekaa”, and especially “Ersal”, which mainly suffers from a lack of services and greater disability […]