Al-Rawda medical center

The hard conditions that Yemeni people live in are still continuing, unfortunately, due to the ravages of war and the intensification of the conflict, and the victim is always the most vulnerable and needy groups among all groups of the population, and based on this difficult situation and urgent needs, the staff of “Al-ameen” are still continuing their unlimited giving to help Yemeni people in various levels.

Perhaps the difficult situation in the city of “Sarwah” in “Maareb” governorate is representing a clear image of the suffering of the Yemeni people and their need to extend a helping hand in the fields of steadfastness support, health, community and educational care, which prompted the establishment of Al-Rawda medical center with the support of Al-ameen.

This center, located in “Rawda” area, is an integrated medical center that provides all types of healthcare and medical services of all kinds to a large segment of beneficiaries in and around that region, and is distributed between indigenous residents and displaced persons coming from other regions. The center includes general clinics that diagnose diseases in general, by specialized doctors who have extensive knowledge and skills to deal with all public health problems, and in turn they determine if there is a need to visit another health professional center.

The center also includes a women’s clinic, where the staff of that clinic performs a number of skills and responsibilities that include treating gynecological diseases in general, examining fetal heartbeat for pregnant women, preparing the pregnant woman for childbirths from the medical and psychological aspects, in addition to providing all medical therapeutic services in the field of gynecology.

Al-Rawda medical center also includes a nutritional clinic, as food is considered one of the most important treatment methods in many diseases such as diabetes, kidney failure, metabolic disorders and diseases intolerance to some nutrients, and this requires a scientifically qualified therapeutic nutritionist to translate the diet prescribed by the treating physician for foods that suit the patient and distributed over a number of meals according to the patient’s condition, so the nutritionist must be involved when prescribing nutritional therapy, and this is what the staff of the nutritional clinic at Al-Rawda medical center does with unrivaled efficiency.

Among the most important services provided by the nutritional clinic are: monitoring and evaluating the effect of meals and diets on the patient’s body and the extent of his interaction and response with them, educating people more about the importance of a healthy diet, educating them about the ability of healthy foods to prevent certain diseases and studying the extent of the effect of food on the human body, In addition to preparing nutritional diets and developing meals and diets according to the patient’s situation.

During the month of March, the center received 1171 patients, and 3221 free health services were provided, distributed to various clinics and nursing departments. The number of nursing services alone reached 293 services, and the rate of females was 52% and males 48% of the total beneficiaries of services. The community rate was 100% of the displaced, according to the register of services provided, which reflects the extent of overcrowding in that region with displaced coming from other areas where the conflict is raging.



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