Ain al-Baida health center

With unlimited support and effort from “Al-Ameen” for humanitarian support, the health center in the town of “Ain Al-Baida” near the city of “Jarablus” in the far north of Syria continues to provide primary health care services, in one of the many areas of northern Syria that have witnessed in the past few years a great population You need constant health care.

The number of beneficiaries of the center during the month of March of last March reached nearly 1921, who were distributed among the various clinics within Ain al-Baida center, and the percentage of males was 30% of the total number of beneficiaries, and females 70%.

The center includes cardiac, ophthalmic, chest, internal, and women’s clinics, in addition to general clinics, a children’s clinic, and a dental clinic, in addition to pharmaceutical and laboratory services. The number of pregnant females who benefited from the center’s services during the past month reached 171 beneficiaries, while the total number of examinations within the women’s clinic was 429, while respiratory diseases occupied the top of the cases that the center dealt with 754 cases.


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